In Motion Dance Studio

Payment Terms and Rates — Fall 2017

If canceling, you MUST notify us in writing (by email or text is fine) before the 1st of the month or you will automatically be charged for the next month’s classes. We will refund that charge, it just takes longer to refund, than it does to cancel. Please notify if you don’t receive a confirmation email/text back from us.

If canceling for one month (exceptions are made for illness and injury), you may lose your spot in the class and will need to re-enroll in the studio. This includes having to pay another registration fee.

Methods of Payment:

Credit/Debit Cards: This is the preferred method of payment. Your cards will be automatically charged the first day of the month. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

If you are over 3 weeks late on tuition payment, we will ask your dancer to sit out of class until you are current.

Checks/Cash: If paying by cash or check, you must pre-pay the whole year with a 10% discount.

We apologize for the new check/cash policy, but we have had too many classes not paid for at the end of the year.

Additional fees if you sign up for optional performances: 

Recital Fee: $35 — no ticket sales required. By paying the recital fee, everybody is invited to attend the year-end recital.
Costume Fee: $25-$45 per costume (this is approximate and depends on which class you are in)

Every year we have some complaints about the recital fees. Please compare our fees with other studios (in-home basement studios do not have the same overhead, so those we can’t always beat prices). We also discount for 1/2 months, which is not standard. We believe that you will find that our fees are about the lowest around; and we do not make your dancers sell tickets to the recital. We know for some of you that haven’t danced at other studios, these fees may seem high. To rent out a middle school for the whole day is not cheap (plus we have to pay tech, music licensing and janitor fees).

Required Fees:
Annual Registration Fee: $30 for individuals – $45 for families (2 or more).

Monthly Tuition pricing is the same every month no matter how many weeks of class are held in a month. Most months have 4 weeks of classes, but some have 3 classes and others have 5 classes. You are welcome to do make-ups in any style for any missed classes. Make up classes need to be done within a month of the missed class.

Tuition Prices Per Student

Total Student Hours

Cash Price

30 minutes per week $30 per month
45 minutes per week $35 per month
1 hour per week $40 per month
1.25 hr per week
1.5 hours per week
$48 per month
$55 per month
1.75 hours per week $63 per month
2 hours per week $70 per month
2.5 hours per week
2.75 hours per week
$85 per month
$90 per month
3 hours per week $95 per month
Unlimited class pass for one individual $130 per month

Family pass: $175 per month (8 classes total), 9-12 classes or more $225.

Family Discount: 10% family discount for those with more than 1 student (Cannot be applied to exercise classes, adult ballroom classes and adult dance pass)

Adult Exercise classes/Zumba/Yoga/Dance

Exercise punch cards: 10 pass punch cards for $30. Passes are good for any Fitness, Zumba, or Yoga class. Dance classes $5 each.

No Registration fee required for Adult classes.


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