In Motion Dance Studio Policies

Performance Fees / Dress Code / Closures (Tuition on rates page)


  • No food, gum or drink is allowed in the studios (with the exception of bottled water).
  • Attendance is very important to ensure each student’s progress. Students who miss 3 consecutive classes without prior arrangement may be dismissed from upcoming performances.
  • To help avoid injury, students should arrive to class on time for a proper warm-up.  If a student is more than 15 minutes late, he/she may be asked to observe.
  • Promotions to higher class levels will be decided by the teacher & owner (by invitation or audition).
  • If a student causes damage to the studio, the student/parent will be held responsible. Please note, the ballet barres are not to be hung on. They are mounted for balance, not holding weight.
  • If a student is being disruptive, they may be excused for the remainder of the class. The teacher will fill out a white slip to document what occurred.

Performance fees (recital/costume) All performances are optional.
   Small performances:
Open House (Dec):
 Younger classes) We hold an Open House holiday performance in December in lieu of a holiday recital. We decided to do this because of time and financial constraints during the holiday season. Open House is held in the dance studio and does not cost money to participate.
Westlake Christmas Jars (Dec): Free to participate. Fundraising event for Westlake High School Charity. 
    Nolen Park Talent Show (Jun): is 1 week before recital at Pony Express Days Carnival. No fee is required, we just use costumes and choreography from the June Recital.
    Big performances:
Festival of Trees Dec:
 (Older classes) a fundraising event for Primary Children’s Hospital, held in the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy. Some classes may be invited to perform at Festival of Trees, but time slots are limited. Requires a costume fee ($30-$45 ) and entrance fee for spectators.
    June Dance Recital: Our End of the year dance recital is scheduled for June 9, 2018. The date is dependent on facility availability. To participate in the recital, there are two fees that need to be paid by March 1st, 2018.
     Recital fees: There is a $25-$45 fee per child for costumes (per class) and $35 participation fee per family (per recital). If your child is in more than one class you may choose which ones to participate in for recital. The 2 fees must be paid in full by March 1st.  If you are participating, you may pay by check or charge to your debit/credit card. We need the recital/costume fees paid early since this helps the teachers to begin ordering costumes. There are no other mandatory fees associated with recital.

 Please Note: We are charged a high fee to lease out a school for the full day of the recitals and there are other significant costs associated with putting on a recital at a school. This is the reason for the $35 recital fee. With the $35 paid, you are free to invite anybody you would like to watch  your dancer perform since there are not tickets required for admission.


Adding, Transferring and Dropping Classes

     If a student wishes, they may transfer to a different class as long as there are openings in the class. After notifying office personnel, and if the class is the same price, no other action is needed. To add additional classes, a student must notify office personnel, so that the class can be added to tuition. If adding in the middle of a month, a student will pay a prorated class rate until the new month begins. To drop a class, a parent must put in writing (email) or call before the new month starts. If a student cancels for the current month after tuition has already been charged, credits or refunds will not be given, but a student may take make-up classes to finish the month.

 Make-Up Classes

      If a student misses a class, they are invited to attend any class that is their same level during the week. Classes must be “made up” within 30 days of the missed class. They do not carry over. We also allow for anticipatory make-ups, meaning if students know that they will be out-of-town for a certain week, they can make-up the class before they leave. Make sure to inform the teacher that the student is doing a make-up class.

 In Motion Dance Studio Closures

     Dance classes will run from September 5, 2017 through June 10th, 2017.  At the end of June, all students are considered cancelled until they re-register for the new fall semester of classes. Tuition will not be charged in July and August, unless you notify us that you will be continuing with summer classes. No cancellation notice is required for July and August. IMDS will be closed for the following dates.

Fall Break: Oct 19-23 Thu-Mon
Halloween: Oct 31
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 22-25
Christmas Break: Dec 16-Jan 2 (longer than Alpine Break-dance resumes Jan 3 )
Alpine Spring Break: April 2-7 (Mon-Sat)
Memorial Day: May 28
Summer Break: June 10-17th
Summer Dance Classes: 6 week session June 18-August 2


Dress Code
Dancers must adhere to the dress code by coming prepared to class. Wear appropriate shoes and proper dance clothing. Hair must be out of face. Please make sure your child gets the appropriate dance attire. We plan to incorporate some of these items into open house /recital costumes to keep fees down.

  • Mini Combo & Creative-Bare feet, footless tights, any form fitting dance attire. Dress ups and tutus are fine also.
    BTT Combo-
    {Ballet, Tap, Tumbling}-Black short sleeve leotard, pink convertible tights, black tap shoes and pink ballet slippers. (Skirts, tutus ok)
    BJT Combo- {Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling} Black short sleeve leotard, pink convertible tights, bare feet (or jazz/ballet shoes if you have them) Teacher will give out required shoe details closer to performance time (Skirts, tutus ok)
    HBT Combo- {Hop Break Tumbling} – comfortable street clothing and athletic shoes (will be taken off for tumbling) 
  • Ballet-Black leotard (can have cap sleeve, short sleeve or 3/4 length sleeves, no spaghetti or tank leotards allowed), pink ballet shoes, pink tights, hair secured back in a bun, black or pink skirts (adults can wear any form fitting attire for ballet).
  • Jazz
    Jazz 1/Ballet combo- black leotard, pink footless tights, ballet slippers, bare feet or jazz shoes for jazz.
    Jazz 2-Form fitting dance clothing with sleeves, no tanks tops. Hair must be pulled back out of the face.
    Jazz 3&4, 5-
     Form fitting dance clothing with sleeves, no tanks tops, Footundees (ask teacher). Hair must be pulled back out of the face.
  • Hip Hop-Street clothes, with non-marking tennis shoes. No tank tops.
    Jazz/Hip Hop combo – short sleeve leotard (any color), black leggings and black jazz shoes.
  • Contemporary (Modern)- Form fitting dance attire and bare feet.
  • Tap- Tap shoes and street clothing.
  • Tumblers- Form fitting attire, a short sleeved leotard and bottoms or shirts that are long enough to keep stomach covered. We have leotards and biker shorts for purchase- size xs, s ($15 total for leo & bottoms)

No boy-cut shorts without tights,  tank tops, leotards without tights, low cut leotards or backless leotards, midriff baring attire.

 Drop-off/pick-up policy

     After class is over, we would appreciate it if your child is left no longer than 5 minutes to be picked up.  If you are running late, please call the studio cell number so that we can make arrangements.  Please instruct your child to wait inside of the studio. We do not have office staff available to watch your child. If you are late, you assume full responsibility for your child’s welfare.

 Assumption of Responsibilities and Risks

     Please be aware that dance, like any physical activity, comes with the risk of potential injury. Registration at In Motion Dance Studio includes understanding and accepting the risk and assuming responsibility for the safety of your child. We will take every step possible to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for you and your dancer.

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